ChildLine is a free telephone service for under 18 years old.

When they want to talk with somebody when they are troubled when they are glad, children telephone it.

The telephone Number is 0120-99-7777. The charge becomes free to be able to talk about children in peace.

Now available is Japanese language.

Since late 1990’s, ChildLine was started by the citizen group which inspected ChildLine UK when bullying was recognized as a social issue in Japan. And then, the ChildLine Support Center was established Tokyo in 1999 in order to spread the ChildLine in Japanese society.

Currently we act more than 2000 volunteer in 70 locations from Hokkaido to Kyushu region.


1998  Opening of ChildLine in Japan

1999  The ChildLine support center


2005  first Asia Pacific meeting in Tokyo

2009  start a free call 0120-99-7777


The Four Promises with the Child

Civil society based

Listen child feelings and telling.

 We make much of Convention on the Rights of the Child and follow the best profit of the child


For Children can call in peace
1 We protection of personal information and privacy
2 We thinking together anything
3 No need to your name on call
4 You can cut the phone when you want



Childline mascot Caractor








Card to distribute to children



Presentation to cabinet members




We make the place to stay of the heart with the telephone to realize the best profit of the child -centered child

We make the society which a child is easy to live in based on the voice that we took on the telephone


Smile increase in child

Listen to children’s tell increase in Adult




Childline Support Center Japan

Call: +81-3-5946-8500

Fax: +81-3-5946-8501


Kagurazaka Fujii Building 5, 14 Tenjincho,

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan